Get hundreds more reviews the easy way!

Give your customer a review card

They scan it with their phone camera

You get a review in seconds

Trusted by hundreds of businesses to get more 5 Star reviews…

Review cards have revolutionised the way people leave on-line reviews

Thanks to review cards, getting 5 star reviews for your business has just become a whole lot easier. Simply hand one to every happy client and when they scan the QR code, they can leave you a 5 star review on any device in seconds.

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Review Cards

Get more 5-star reviews on your Google Business Profile

Review Cards

Get hundreds more reviews on TripAdvisor the simple way


Get reviews from customers with a single tap

Here's how they work

Review cards are personalised to your business and easy to use allowing customers to leave you a review in seconds.

They simply scan the custom QR code with their phone camera or type in the short link which takes them directly to your review page where they leave their review.

It really is that easy!

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Introducing POP Cards - Contactless technology to get more reviews!


Here's how NFC POP cards work.

Our range of contactless POP cards makes it quick and easy to get more reviews or followers.

Whether getting Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor reviews of growing your followers on social media, your POP card works when held near a customer’s smartphone which is opened automatically. From there they leave you the 5-star review you deserve or interact with your page.

And the best thing is you buy for life – Just one payment and your card will work for always with no rental fees or upgrade payments. How cool is that!

Why more and more local businesses are using review cards to generate more 5 star customer reviews...

  • They are so simple to use – Customers can leave you an on-line review in seconds, and on any device.
  • Custom quick links - A bespoke, memorable short code takes people directly to your review page.
  • Bespoke QR Code – Lets customers leave you a review on their mobile phone at the touch of a button.
  • Personalised information – Your business name, logo, telephone number and website for future reference.
  • Easy to order – We do all the design work for you and provide proofs to make sure you’re 100% happy.

Why reviews are the lifeblood of the modern, local business

"As a business owner, you’ll understand the importance of on-line reviews and the influence they can have on customer decision making. Today, more and more consumers will judge a business purely on the reviews they read and a having positive rating is essential if you are to attract more local trade."

Review Cards - - get the 5 star reviews you deserve

REVIEW CARDS...Helping your customers leave you the 5 star reviews your business deserves.

We all know that quality customer reviews are hugely important but equally hard to get – So how do you, as a successful business get more?

Review Cards - - get the 5 star reviews you deserve

The answer is simple yet cost effective...

Review cards... the easy way to convert happy customers into a 5 star reviewers

Does this sound familiar?

The promised review that never arrives...

You’ve just provided a great service or completed a top quality piece of work and your customer’s delighted – They say they will leave you a great review but before you know it, they have forgotten and it never materialises.

Review Cards provide a simple solution.

Thanks to the innovative ‘quick link’ that’s bespoke to your business, customers can leave you a great review in minutes. No fuss and certainly no awkward chase up calls...just great on-line reviews to help bolster your company’s on-line presence.

Let’s get started... choose where and how you want to get more reviews?

Review Cards

Review Cards

Review Cards