The quick and easy way to get more 5 star reviews

Get more 5 star reviews

The quick and easy way…

Hand one to every happy customer and by scanning the QR code they can leave you a 5 star review in seconds

Google Review Cards and Smart Cards

Let’s get started... choose where you want to get more reviews?


Get more 5-star reviews on your
Google Business Profile


Get more 5-star reviews on your
Google Business Profile


Get hundreds more reviews on
TripAdvisor the simple way

Smart Review Tech

Get reviews from customers with
a single tap or scan

Over 1 million cards sold and trusted by the names you recognise and local businesses alike!

Thanks to review cards, getting 5 star reviews for your business has just become a whole lot easier. Simply hand one to every happy client and by scanning the QR code, they can leave you a 5 star review on any device in seconds.

Here's how they work

Review cards are personalised to your business and easy to use allowing customers to leave you a review in seconds.

They simply scan the custom QR code with their phone camera or which takes them directly to your review page where they leave their review.

It really is that easy!

Introducing Smart Cards - Contactless technology to get more reviews!

Here's how Smart review tech works

Our range of contactless 'Smart Review Technology' makes it quick and easy to get more reviews or followers.

Whether you’re getting Google, Tripadvisor, or Yelp reviews, your Smart Review Card, Point of Purchase stands, or Table Tents work when a customer’s smartphone is held close. Your review page is opened automatically. If the customer doesn’t have NFC turned on their phone, no problem. The QR code will do the same job, so you’ll have double the opportunity to get the reviews you deserve. 

And the best thing is you buy for life – Just one payment and your card, Stand or Table Tents will work for always with no rental fees or upgrade payments. How cool is that!

Why more and more local businesses are using review cards to generate more 5 star customer reviews...

They are so simple to use

Customers can leave you an on-line review in seconds, and on any device.

They really
do work

Over 1 million cards printed and trusted by hundreds of businesses large and small

QR Code

Lets customers leave you a review on their mobile phone at the touch of a button.

Personalised information

Your business name, logo, telephone number and website for future reference.

Easy to

We do all the design work and provide proofs to make sure you’re 100% happy.

Our happy clients LOVE Review Cards

But don’t take our word for it – Read just some of the numerous reviews we have received from happy customers…

Carl O'Dwyer
Napoli Wood Fired Pizzas

“We ordered 500 review cards for our business. Excellent coms, swift delivery and the cards are excellent quality!”.

James Mursell
The Windsor Workshop

“These are so simple for people to use and the cards feel great in the hand too. A great product, bringing me Google reviews straight away!”

David Croucher
Crouchie The Magician

“I really like how easy these cards are to use. After a show, asking for reviews was a bit of a chore but now, I happily give out my cards and get reviews.”.

Jeffrey Martin
Vally Heating

“Review cards has helped us garner numerous new reviews and the cards are a hit with our clients! Thank you so much!!!!”

So don't delay, start getting more on-line reviews today!!


Get more 5-star reviews on your
Google Business Profile


Get more 5-star reviews on your
Google Business Profile


Get hundreds more reviews on
TripAdvisor the simple way

Smart Review Tech

Get reviews from customers with
a single tap or scan

And don’t forget, Review cards are easy to order, simple to use and we do all the work for you including the QR code and providing proofs – We even include FREE delivery!

Get a FREE smart card when you order any Google Review cards.

Don’t just get more reviews, make them worker for you too!

Just as review cards have revolutionized the way people can leave you a review, AddStars has revolutionized the way people see them!

Imagine ALL your reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp and Tripadvisor gathered together and displayed as golden yellow stars, right where your customers are looking – On Google’s search pages.

We’ve teamed up with AddStars, the webs premium review aggregator.  This means all the reviews you ever get will be displayed by your web pages on Google – what better way to stand out from the crowd and really harness the power of your 5 star reviews

Why reviews are the lifeblood of the modern, local business

“As a business owner, you’ll understand the importance of on-line reviews and the influence they can have on customer decision making. Today, more and more consumers will judge a business purely on the reviews they read and a having positive rating is essential if you are to attract more local trade.”

REVIEW CARDS...Helping your customers leave you the 5 star reviews your business deserves.

We all know that quality customer reviews are hugely important but equally hard to get – So how do you, as a successful business get more?

The answer is simple and also cost effective...

Review cards… the easy way to convert happy customers into a 5 star reviewers

Does this sound familiar?

The promised review that never arrives...

You’ve just provided a great service or completed a top quality piece of work and your customer’s delighted – They say they will leave you a great review but before you know it, they have forgotten and it never materialises.

Review Cards provide a simple solution.

Thanks to the scannable QR Code that’s bespoke to your business, customers can leave you a great review in minutes. No fuss and certainly no awkward chase up calls...just great on-line reviews to help bolster your company’s on-line presence.

Do you have a business that needs reviews?

It’s something we always ask our customers – do you have a business that needs reviews? The answer we get back is almost always yes, although quite often they are unsure why. Many business owners understand that reviews can be important but struggle to appreciate how they will help their company.

The realities are that whatever type of business you own or run, getting more reviews is vital. With more people than ever using the internet to search for local services and commodities, having multiple 5 star reviews is a sure-fire way of converting casual visitors into genuine enquiries.

After all, it’s a fact that the majority of consumers will use online reviews to judge a business before visiting or contacting them.

The other factor to consider is that platforms such as Google loves to see interaction from customers. The more reviews you can secure, the more favourably these platforms will rank your business on the internet. So when you’re next asked, ‘Do you have a business that needs reviews’ the answer should be a resounding YES!!!

5 star reviews don't just help your business, and they make people happier.

It’s a fact that 5 star reviews don’t just help your business, they make people happier too. From customers who feel they are helping a local business to staff members who have received praise, there’s something wonderful about seeing those 5 golden stars and a glowing testimonial saying you’ve done a great job..

So how do 5 star reviews directly help a business? In simple terms the answer is twofold. For one, customers searching for your business online will see your reviews. A string of 5 star reviews with positive comments about how good your service rarely fails to impress. Don’t forget, people do actually use online reviews to judge a company.

Second, and just as important, 5 star reviews will boost the ranking for your Google My Business page. The more you have, the better and remember to reply to each review, whether good or bad – Google loves interaction and a quick reply is also courteous to the reviewer.

And as for the happiness they spread, just think back to when someone last paid you a complement – It kinda feels good doesn’t it

So there we have it – 5 star reviews don’t just help your business, they make everyone happy too.

Are you looking for a way to get your business on the first page of Google search?

If you’re a business owner and you are looking for a way to get your business on the first page of Google without spending a fortune read on. You may be familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), an all encompassing term for getting a higher rank on search engines such as Google. Traditionally this means either a lot of work, deep pockets or both.

However, there is another way that businesses that want more local enquiries can get a unfair step up the ladder – Google Business Profile. Easy to set up and manage, your Google My Business page can be your secret weapon in outranking the local competition.

Crucially, Google puts this listing above the organic web pages so appearing there is vital for the local business that wants to harness the power of the internet.

This is where 5 star reviews can be a huge asset. The fact that reviews are increasingly used by customers aside, Google will take into consideration the number of 5 star reviews when ranking a page. The more you have, the stronger the likelihood of appearing on the first page of Google. It really is as simple as that.

So if you’re looking for a way to get your business on the first page of Google search without the expense of a protracted SEO campaign, then think reviews instead!

You can get more 5 star reviews on Google?

There are still some business owners unaware that you can get more 5 star reviews on Google. In fact, some don’t even know they have a Google My Business page (Often, Google will create a page for any business they find registered somewhere). In essence, a lot of people are missing out on a really cool resource that can help their business prosper effectively and for free so let’s get back on track.

Reviews can be left on your page by anyone with a Google account.

This is great news for businesses who understand that asking for reviews is hugely important. For those that simply wait for reviews to be left could be facing problems.

Think about what motivates a customer to leave a review? Usually, it’s when service levels have been fantastic and they want to share their experience. However, and more worryingly, when people have been let down by a business and feel their only way to get closure is to leave a bad review.

We’d like to think that your business provides a great service to all your clients and customers so why not harness this and use it to your advantage by asking them all for a review? A simple prompter or reminder is usually all it takes and before long, you’ll have a collection of glowing testimonials online for all your new visitors to see.

So if you didn’t know you can get more 5 star reviews on Google, things should be a little clearer now.

Do you have a local business that needs help getting five star reviews on Google?

If you’re reading this and have a business that needs help getting 5 star reviews on Google, you’re in the right place. Whether just starting out or for an established company, Google Reviews are like gold dust and can be the way you get ahead of your local competitors.

Having numerous 5 star reviews not only impresses visitors and potential customers but also helps your page rank higher on Google. But how do you get more of them?

What’s the best way to grow the trickle of reviews you already get into a steady stream of 5 golden stars?

Here are some suggestions that are simple to implement and should be the basis of your strategy:

1 – Ask people for a review. Yes, it sounds obvious but, just think how many times you’ve been told by a customer they are happy with the service they have received. Now think how many times you have asked them to leave a review on Google.

2 – Make it easy for customers to leave you a review. A personalized review card that takes them directly to your Google page will help convert happy customers into 5 star reviewers

3 – Get everyone on board. Share your strategy with your staff members so they understand how important asking for reviews can be.

And don’t forget, Rome wasn’t built in a day so make your strategy one that can be implemented not just for today but also for the future.

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